ir. Jesse Nijdam

PhD Candidate at Designing Intelligence Lab at the TU Delft

I am an Interaction Designer based in Delft, the Netherlands, interested in how we can better interact with the intelligent systems in our lives. Further more I love to prototype interactive interventions using emerging technologies such as VR and AI. To that end, I am currently doing a PhD at the Designing Intelligence Lab at the TU Delft.

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PhD Candidate in Designing Intelligence

Designing Intelligence Lab at Delft University of Technology (Nov 2020 - Current)

Since November 2020, I work as a PhD researcher at the Department of Organisation and Strategy at the TU Delft. I am interested in how designers can better interact and work together with the intelligent systems emerging in our field. My goal is to enable more efficient and more creative outcomes in design using AI.

ATG europe

Graduation & Internship in Virtual Reality Design

VR Design Intern (Feb 2019 - July 2019) and Graduate Intern (Sep 2019 - June 2020) at ATG Europe

Internship and graduation project at ATG Europe during which I made multiple Virtual Reality applications in Unreal Engine 4. I worked on the ExoMars VR exhibit currently being displayed at ESTEC Noordwijk. For my graduation, I developed a tool for long distance collaboration for composite production using Virtual Reality and Unreal Engine 4.

TU Delft Online Learning

Student Assistant Content Management and Web Development

Online Learning Support - Delft University of Technology
(Feb 2016 - Oct 2020)

I developed online support web tools with HTML, PHP and jQuery and supporting all online (including edX, edge and profEd) courses of the TU Delft.


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MSc - Design for Interaction

Delft University of Technology (2017 - 2020)

During my masters, I deepened my knowledge of user experience and interaction design. In addition, I had a unique focus on combining this with prototyping techniques, both physical and digitial. For example, Virtual Reality and realtime visualisation techniques. Graduating with a 9.

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BSc - Industrial Design Engineering

Delft University of Technology (2013 - 2017)

In my bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering I learned how to engineer physical and digital products that lead to behavioural change in users and have a smaller climate impact. Graduating with an 8.5.

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Minor Abroad - Industrial Product Design

Loughborough University Design School (2015 - 2016)

I participated in the Erasmus program to study a semester at the Design School of Loughborough University.

Skills and Expertise

Interaction and User Experience (UX) Product Design
Designing for the Internet of Things
Design drawing and Visualisation
Web Development - Javascript, Html, CSS, PHP, Python, Wordpress
Unreal Engine 4 - Creating Virtual Reality applications and realtime design visualisation
3D Modelling - Parametric modelling with solidworks, polygonal modelling with Maya and Blender, texturing in Substance Painter, Photoshop and Quixel Mixer
Adobe suite of creative apps - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects
Android App Development in Java