VR Lay-up Recorder shown in action

VR Lay-up Collaboration Tool

Transfer tacit knowledge between distributed colleagues

Exomars Rover depicted in Virtual Reality

Exomars VR

Interact with the Exomars Rover on Mars in Virtual Reality

Person interacting with McJam interactive exhibition


An exhibition about the future of food security and the importance of inclusivity

Philips Air purifier depicted in home setting

Philips Air Purifier

A redesign of the Philips Air Purifier based on extensive research

Wibbly bench shown in action


An interactive bench designed to promote communication by enabling low barrier playful interactions in the waiting room

EDx accessibility tools shown

EDx tools for accessibility

A set of tools for the online courses of the TU Delft to improve accessibility

Sziget app

Sziget Festival Android App

An android app that was build for the Sziget Festival in Budapest